For Organisations

We are passionate about facilitating lasting and sustainable change for your clients and your staff.

We can help support the health and efficiency of your organisation. A happy team that gets on well together makes for a better working environment.

We will work with your team to improve general life skills, stress management, communication, increase resilience and self awareness.

For example through:

  • Coaching or counselling sessions
  • Team cohesion and communications workshops
  • Wilderness days
  • HeartMath biofeedback/ stress management sessions
  • Meditation and movement


If you are a healthcare or support organisation or charity, we can also work directly with your client base. As a social enterprise dedicated to supporting and improving people’s mental and physical health, we are acutely aware of the scarcity of mental and complementary healthcare services in this area of the country, and that in many cases there is a gap between what organisations would like to offer their clients and what they are actually able to offer. We hope to bridge that gap to some extent.

Evidence Based Approaches

All of the approaches we work in are backed up by a solid foundation of evidence both in terms of clinical research as well as practitioners’ and client’s experience. At EarthMind we take an integral approach to EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) expanding its scope beyond biomedicine to incorporate the research and practices from the fields of biology, neuroscience, psychology and sociology.

Flexible packages

We can work with clients on a one to one basis as well as in group workshop format, or by offering ongoing classes. We can also arrange train your staff in these skills and help them integrate it in their client work.

We aim to work collaboratively and flexibly with your organisation to develop a comprehensive and bespoke service that runs either alongside your services or extends the amount of support your clients are able to receive after your core treatment has come to a conclusion.

Improve general wellbeing or target specific issues

We are equipped to address both non-specific issues, with the goal of improving general health and resilience by enhancing self-care, nutrition, emotional self-regulation, stress-management, and life skills. As well as working directly with specific conditions or contexts such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, addiction and chronic illnesses (such as IBS, ME/CFS, MS, cancer, chronic pain, etc.).

We aim to enable and empower clients in their movement toward greater autonomy and self-responsibility, facilitating them to take charge of their own health and wellbeing and helping them to get back into active participation in the community.

Some feedback from the manager of RASAH (Rape and Sexual Abuse Service Highlands) after a staff training on HeartMath and Embodied ways of working with trauma:

Dear Bo and Owen, thank you both very much for today, it was a great session and everyone got something good from it. You both have a lovely and warm presence and people will be able to apply the learnings into both their personal and professional lives. Thank you both again!” 

And from one of the participants:

Really fascinating and useful. It raised a lot of helpful ideas and practices that were very easy to understand and readily adaptable to our work. The exercises were simple yet very powerful and fascinating. (Kath)

We recently ran a series of de-stress workshops for Kent University,

Here is some feedback from the students:

All students would benefit from this! We need more workshops please!” (Vicky)

Normally I’m the sort of chap who would rather eat Boris Johnson’s shorts than attend something like a yoga retreat, but your practices are very good and you have made me change my mind! I learnt some useful and practical skills for dealing with stress” (Darren)

I went to the session not really knowing what to expect, but very quickly I felt at ease and started having a good time. I learnt a lot and the whole day felt like a safe space. It was quite challenging at times, but I am so much better for it. Thank you!” (Ken)

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