Couples & relationships

We could insert some sugary romantic quote here, but we all know that relationships are hard work!

Being in a relationship, even if it is a good one, is tough! The challenges that come from trying to relate to each other as to mature and responsible adults are considerable, and isn’t it so tempting just to give up? Stamp your feet, scream, sulk or just leave!

It sure is not easy to remain open, accepting and kind to your partner, especially when you are feeling upset or triggered yourself, or when (s)he is behaving like a…! Sometimes the patterns of misunderstanding can run so deep that we are left feeling alone, unappreciated and betrayed. When both partners are in the thralls of unconscious conditioning from previous relationships or childhood, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the other (and ourselves) clearly and it becomes easy to feel hopeless about your relationship.

However, an awakened intimate relationship can become a crucible for growth and transformation. Together you can learn to work through the difficulties and support each other on your shared life path.

We would be honoured to accompany and guide you on this journey toward greater self (and other) awareness and compassion.

Working with you toward a conscious relationship we will help you find:

  • An absolute dedication to taking responsibility for your behaviour.
  • A renewed experience of hope and faith in your own abilities as well as your partner’s, and the potential of the relationship.
  • A loving appreciation of each other.
  • Mutual understanding of, and patience for each others’ background and development.
  • A commitment to clear and honest communication. Learning to give space to the other as well as assertively stand up for your own needs.
  • An increased awareness of your defensive patterns, trigger buttons and unhelpful habits and narratives that sabotage relating.
  • Knowledge of how your past experiences influence your present reality (or perceived reality).
  • The capacity to really show up in your relationship and be fully present with each other.
  • Humour and lightness in your relating to each other.

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