Wilderness Therapy

Self doubt is as as self-centred as self inflation. Your obligation is to reach as deeply as you can and offer your unique gifts as bravely and beautifully as you are able.”

Bill Plotkin

It is often said that “Nature is the greatest healer”. And indeed, personally speaking I (Bo) have repeatedly been astounded by the depth of my experiences and insights in these focused encounters with nature. In some ways, and I say it reluctantly since I am a human therapist, trees, mountains and rivers seem to make better therapists than people.

In bringing people into contact with the natural world in a therapeutic context, we are creating an optimal environment and container for the safe exploration and healing of psychological wounds, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma as well as personal development in general. The focus of this kind of wilderness work is often on initiation.

Finding the courage to take full responsibility for your life and assume your true purpose.

Through the deep encounter with nature and the experience of the wider context of your life (namely the whole world and the entire history of the universe) you get in touch with a larger perspective that is very different from your day to day small frame. This throws an entirely fresh light on your life and your life issues and allows you access to a sense of great ease, belonging and feeling at home in the world.

In our Wilderness Therapy approach we are inspired by the work of Bill Plotkin. His is a beautifully comprehensive model for human development and integration that offers you a chance to understand your different facets (or sub personalities) and fosters connection to the more- than-human-world.

Wilderness therapy can be especially helpful for people who don’t feel at ease in a standard ‘sitting down and talking’ type therapy setting. Most of the work is done by yourself, alone (of course guided and facilitated by us, but there is no need to share your inner processes if you don’t want to).

Our vision is to reconnect individuals and organisations to the beauty, joy and wonder evoked by nature and re-open them to a sense of connection and gratitude, for the life continually provided by our planet. Nature is also a great source of inspiration. By bringing you into contact with the land and creating an inspirational context, we are catalysing your creativity, nurturing your dreams, and supporting you in achieving your highest potential. 

The journey into Nature encompasses both the outer world and the inner world which are ultimately inter-meshed and inter-dependent. During this journey you may find yourself bush-whacking through psychological realms, plunging into the deep waters of your soul, or climbing to the peaks of Spirit, in an adventure that facilitates both healing and whole-ing.

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