One to One Mindfulness Training

An eight week programme that will help you feel more alive, connected to yourself and others, and in touch with the present moment.

Mindfulness is probably one of the most crucial life skills that anyone can develop. Learning and practicing this particular way of paying attention to what is going on (both inside and outside yourself) in the present moment can help you to:

  • Become more self-aware and develop a greater level of insight
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Let go of obsessive thoughts and rumination
  • Sleep better
  • Handle stress/pain/fear more skilfully
  • Communicate and relate with others more effectively
  • Make better choices, respond rather than react impulsively
  • Reduce your anxiety and feel calmer
  • Increase your compassion for yourself and others
  • Combat addictions or addictive behaviours

Doing the one to one Mindfulness training will allow us to tailor the sessions very directly to the particularities of your life and whatever issues you may be struggling with. You will be expertly guided in your mindfulness journey, feel motivated & encouraged, and supported on a very personal level.

Each session lasts one hour and we will spend some time talking as well as practicing all the core mindfulness skills. Every week I will give you some reading materials and home practice exercises as well. Some weeks we might go outside to practice in nature!

Cost: £280 for the full course including reading materials.

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