EarthMind works together with individuals and organisations to promote health and happiness in all domains of life!

We draw our inspiration and expertise from a variety of fields, scientific disciplines and wisdom traditions, so we have a wide range of tools and angles available for working with you.

Our culture tends to focus on what is wrong, the pathology or disease burdening an individual and their loved-ones. We want to shift the focus onto what your positive vision is for your life. By contextualising mental or physical health concerns or other life challenges as obstacles which need to be learned from and addressed they can actually become stepping stones to a healthier, happier and more vital you. With the right tools and sufficient support, an individual can learn to remain resilient and flourish even in the face of serious challenges. By doing so their lives become a source of joy and inspiration not just to themselves but also to those around them.

EarthMind is run by Bo and Owen, read on to find out more about our personal journeys…

Bo Gort

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Coach and Mindful Movement instructor

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Owen Okie

Medical Herbalist, Counsellor, Heart Math provider, Energy Healer and Mountain Guide

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What people say:

About Psychotherapy:

“Working with Bo has been extremely beneficial for me. Before booking my first appointment I was apprehensive and concerned that I may not be able to open up fully or that I may be judged.

This was not a concern I needed to have worried about with Bo. Having spent time with Bo, I have been able to talk about and work through my self esteem issues and insecurities.

Bo has allowed to work through my concerns at my own pace without feeling pressured. The environment she creates is open  and relaxed. So much so that I have now encouraged a friend to consider speaking with her. "



About Wilderness Therapy:

“I found nature to be a very gentle environment for self exploration. It provided space for me to let go and also return to myself. I think the idea of dialoguing with nature is a really creative and non-judgmental way of connecting with yourself. many thanks!” (Jemima)

“Owen has an incredible extent of knowledge of his chosen fields and mixed with profound insight he successfully opens your mind to an array of exciting possibilities into healing and health. I’m very grateful to Owen for his time and dedication for his part on my journey.” (Susan)

About herbal medicine:

“I started working with Owen about three years ago when I was bedridden, in the midst of the worst health crisis of my life.

Working with Owen was amazing right from the start. He asked lots of questions, and really listened to me – which was such a gift after having been to so many doctors who didn’t have the time and also had no idea how to help me.

Understanding that my journey back to health would be a long one, still I started feeling better right away with more energy.

Over the next few years we have met regularly and I have continued to improve. I have overall less pain and fatigue, and have slowly been able to get my life back. I am now back to work (full time!). I still have some ways to go, but I am so grateful, remembering where I started.

Owen is a wonderful, caring, empathetic and incredibly knowledgable provider. I urge everyone to consider working with him.” L.T.   (Client with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

About Heart Math:

“HeartMath was really inspiring, a new take on dynamics that I can apply and can help me in improving my communications, relationships and authenticity. And very easy to integrate into the rest of my life” (Lucy)

About Mindful Movement:

“Knowing Bo from a martial arts perspective I came to her mindful movement class with high expectations and I am pleased to say that these were exceeded.

The class is gentle and focused, Bo working with a highly developed intuition so as to make the class feel suited to your individual needs at the time.

The class provides an approach that creates the time to ‘listen’ to and work with your self-as-body with care, to be ‘present in the moment’ and to relax.

A ‘time out’ from the busy, pre-occupied and stressful way we tend to live, time for yourself in an unselfish and shared context.

Not easy to put into words, best experienced” (Mick)

About a health and wellness workshop:

“ I really enjoyed all aspects of it – I came away with much more than I could have imagined and in addition to the knowledge gained, really enjoyed the connection within the group.” (Dave)