What We Do

We are here to help you bring about a positive transformation in your life! 


Whichever obstacles you may be facing we can support you in developing resilience and catalysing transformation, whether you have a specific mental or physical health concern or are simply searching for more meaning and deeper engagement in life.

We take an integral approach to supporting individuals in all their dimensions — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — within the context of their lives. We have a comprehensive array of tools adaptable to each person’s unique situation. Whether you are looking for 1-1 sessions, a bespoke retreat or a group workshop- we have got something to suit your needs…

Working in an integral way means we address ALL of you, in all your complexity and all your dimensions!

Have a look through the range of services we offer. Of course each of these can be used in a stand alone manner, but for some complex situations and conditions you will benefit most when multiple approaches are used alongside each other, in an integrated way.

Sometimes mental health issues (such as past trauma or anxiety) are expressed in physical symptoms (like digestive issues or chronic pain). Sometimes the reverse is true; a physical health issue (such as low thyroid function) is expressed in what can feel like an emotional way (low mood for example). This means that sometimes we look for the answers to our problems in the wrong places. An integral approach will help you avoid being swung back and forth between different practitioners, and will help you look at your life and self in a holistic manner.

We work collaboratively with you to meet your needs to address all aspects of your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Please contact us now if you have any questions or to arrange a consultation to find out what would work best for you!