Minnesota Retreats

Owen and I will be running two retreat days this summer in White Bear Lake, Minnesota (USA). On July the 13th and 14th we will run the Integral Health and Wellness day and the Wilderness day.

13th July: Integral health and wellness

A day of self enquiry, mindfulness and learning. After introducing the unique Integral approach to health and wellbeing, Owen and Bo will lead you through a series of different sessions (including meditation, nutrition and stress management) to help you feel better, build resilience in the face of adversity and find stillness in times of chaos. Bring your questions and health conundrums and leave with an integral toolkit and personal strategy for moving toward your goals.

17th Sept: Exploring the Wilderness (inner and outer)

We will take you into the stunning wilderness surrounding White Bear Lake for a chance to explore and encounter both inner and outer nature. Through guided solitary practices in nature you will have a deep meeting with different facets of yourself and gain insights that can lead to profound transformation. These guided explorations will support your personal growth and deepen your sense of belonging, purpose and connection to yourself and the larger world.

Please get in touch for more information!